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Zachary Sturman

Being a self-taught programmer, Zachary had to get creative when problem solving during the creation of his portfolio apps. During covid shutdown he began work with the programming language C# but it wasn't until he found out about the world of Data Science that he began to dig into new languages and softwares.

Since then he has learned Python3, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Jinja2 and SQL.

The modules and libraries include NumPy, Pandas, MatPlotLib, Chart.js, OpenCV, ThreeJS, Flask and Bootstrap.

For Database Management he's taught himself SQLAlchemy and MySQL

As far as serverside goes he has successfully learned Nginx, Docker and Docker-Compose as well as uWSGI


Basic Crud App

Built with Python usiong Flask, Nginx, MySQL, Docker and uWSGI


Using OpenCV to manipulate and detect video/ image content


User customization using Javascript

Space Shooters Video Game

Built with Pygames

Unity Video Game

Testing out logic and character creation with Unity and C#

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